Firearm Owners Today – Fernley, NV Chapter

Firearm Owners Today is a service and events-based association.

Firearm Owners Today supports todays and our future firearm owners throughout America.

We are proud of our Fernley, NV chapter as they hold the Fernley Gun Show on the last weekend in August every year. This year the Fernley, NV chapter was chosen to hold our Holidays Gun Show this November… open to the public.

Along with hosting our November 19th & 20th Firearm Owners Today Holidays Gun Show in 2022… for more information, please visit here

When you become a member of Firearm Owners Today you are supporting local firearm businesses and events on a Local, Statewide, and National Level. Visit Firearm Owners Today – for more information. – Thank you, M. Kameron Hawkins Founder/Publisher/Chairman, Veteran & Volunteer.